11 Books Like Divergent To Read in 2020

Books Like Divergent
Books Like Divergent

I’m sure you have read Divergent multiple times and have no regrets at all as the book is really interesting with a compelling story and an action-packed plot. Based on the dystopian world, Divergent is a favorite book of many readers and those readers search for more books like Divergent because they like the stories based on dystopian backgrounds.

If you are one of such readers that wants books like Divergent, here is a list of books that you can read. The list is made up of books that are similar to Divergent in one way or another. Books given in the list have a protagonist that is stuck in a dystopian world full of injustice, characters that have otherworldly strengths, special powers and the dystopian worlds that have some futuristic, SciFi concepts but those concepts are not being put to good use and therefore the protagonist has to successfully fight against those dystopian governments.

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The Hunger Games

  • Author: Suzanne Collins
  • Publication Date: September 2018

The Hunger Games is the book almost everyone has heard of and perhaps seen the movie based on it with the same title. The Hunger Games has gained a lot of popularity and does justice to it as it is indeed a great series.

Panem, a shining Capitol is surrounded by twelve outlying districts in the ruins of a place that was once known as North America. The Capitol is cruel and harsh and in order to keep the districts in line, Capitol forces the people to send one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 to 18 and makes them participate in the Hunger Games, which are a fighter to death, that happens annually and are living on TV. Katniss is a 16-year-old girl who is selected to represent her district in the hunger games. Even though the selection is forced, and there is a possibility of her death, she becomes a contender. Even if she wins, she has to make some choices that may end up affecting her life as the game can make the players fight against humanity and love. The Hunger Games has tones of suspense, adventure, philosophy and romance.

The Selection

  • Author: Kiera Cass
  • Publication Date: April 2012

The Selection does have adventures and competitions in it but is a bit different storyline than that of divergent. Here, in The Selection, thirty-five girls are selected to compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon and one of them, America Singer, is not happy with the selection as she will have to turn her back on her secret lover Aspen if she wants to compete. What happens after America meets Maxon and how her thoughts about her life change, for the better or worst, is interesting to read.

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  • Author: Lauren Oliver
  • Publication Date: January 2011

Delirium is the first novel in the dystopian trilogy written by Lauren Oliver. Delirium has a romantic yet terrifying storyline. In the alternate USA, love is declared as a disease and people are forced to be cured by the government. Lena wants to be cured and lead a predictable life as she had to watch love destroy her mother’s life and does not want to repeat the same mistake. Ninety-five days in her treatment, she meets Alex who has a charming personality and is under the government’s radar. Readers will love the compelling plot of Delirium as they will be very eager to find out if Lena and Alex fell in love and if they did, what are the consequences.


  • Author: Ally Condie
  • Publication Date: November 2010

Matched is a futuristic book by Ally Condie that has an adventurous and romantic storyline. Cassia has never doubted the way she lives her life and trusts the choices the Society makes for her about what she should read, watch or even believe. At her matching ceremony, when Xander appears as her match on the screen, she believes that he must be ideal for her as the Society has chosen them to be a couple. But for a split second, Ky’s face flashes on the screen right after Xander appears and before the screen fades to black. She is told that it was a glitch, a malfunction and she is supposed to live happily with Xander but her mind refuses to stop thinking about Ky. Cassia and Ky fall in love but now Cassia has to make difficult choices as she needs to decide if she wants to live the life Society wants her to live or the life she actually wants to live.

Under the Never Sky

  • Author: Veronica Rossi
  • Publication Date: December 2011

Veronica Rossi is a New York Times bestselling author and it shows in the book, Under The Never Sky. Aria, who is exiled from the enclosed city of Reverie, knows that the chances of her survival in the area known as The Death Shop are low until she meets Perry and realizes that he is her only hope of staying alive. Perry is a savage who hunts for his tribe in a merciless landscape. Perry needs Ariaa’s help too as she has the key to his redemption. The alternative chapters are written from the point of view of both the characters, Aria and Perry. Readers get to experience the evolving relationship of the characters written subtly but powerfully. The plot of the book is harsh but beautiful at times and that perfect blend of characters having their peaceful, delicate moments in a world of brutal reality makes this book worth reading.

The Uglies

  • Author: Scott Westerfeld
  • Publication Date: 2005

As all the books similar to divergent are based on a dystopian world, this book also is not an exception and is similar to divergent. Here, in the world of Tally, when one turns sixteen, an operation makes them look gorgeous and they get to live in a high-tech paradise. Tally is fascinated by this concept of turning sixteen and can not wait to look beautiful and have a great time. Almost everyone wants to look gorgeous and live in a paradise but there is an exception and that is Tally’s friend Shay. Shay is not sure about the whole operation and a good life after turning sixteen and runs away. Now, Tally learns about the second side of the coin and the world that seems great is not just the paradise that she wanted it to be. The authorities force Tally to make a choice, to search for Shay and turn her in or forget about the operation that will make her look gorgeous. The choice Tally will make is going to change her life forever.

The Lunar Chronicles

  • Author: Marissa Meyer
  • Publication Date: 2012

From space, ruthless lunar people watch human beings and androids on Earth struggle to fight the deadly plague that is ravaging the population. Earth now depends on Cinder, a cyborg who is also a gifted mechanic. Cinder comes from a second class family and has a mysterious past. Cinder finds herself at the center of an intergalactic struggle that is her duty and a forbidden attraction that is her freedom. Cinder has to decide between loyalty and betrayal and must protect the world by uncovering her past.


  • Author: Marie Lu
  • Publication Date: November 2011

The Republic is a nation that has replaced what once was the western United States. The Republic is always at war with its neighbors. June is a fifteen years old prodigy, born in an elite family, that is groomed for success in the highest military circles of the Republic. The day is also a fifteen years old, born into slums, most wanted criminal with superficially malicious motives. June’s brother is murdered and Day is the prime suspect. The day is trying to save himself and his family while June tries to avenge her brother’s death. The two cross paths and discover the reality about how their country can do anything to keep its secrets. This book has adventure, romance, suspense and non-stop action that makes it one of the favorite books among readers.

Shatter Me

  • Author: Tahereh Mafi
  • Publication Date:

Juliette has a reason not to let anyone touch her. Her touch is fatal. The Re-establishment plans on using her as a weapon but Juliette has her own plans as, she has finally discovered the strength to fight back after a lifetime of not having any freedom. She desperately needs to successfully achieve her goals as she can have a future with a guy she loves.


  • Author: Caragh O’Brien
  • Publication Date: November 2011

In Enclave, Gaia who is sixteen years old and her mother, completes their quota of three infants every month, faithfully. Gaia wonders if the Enclave deserves such loyalty when her mother is brutally abducted by the same people she serves. Readers will keep reading this dystopian story and eagerly wait for a dramatic finish.

The Chemical Garden Trilogy

  • Author: Lauren DeStefano

Rhine Ellery is a sixteen years old girl who is going to die in four years as, because of a failed attempt to create a perfect race, males live for twenty-five years and females live for twenty years. The world is panicking because of such cruel lifespan for the mankind, orphans are crowding the population, crimes and poverty are skyrocketing, young girls are being kidnapped and sold as a baby machine, and the world is in dire need of a solution that will restore the human race.

The Rhine decides to escape after she has been sold as a bride but her husband is in love with her and tries his best to make her forget about escaping. She manages to focus on her goal in spite of the magical world of wealth and illusion offered to her by her husband. She learns that the sister wives can not be trusted, the father-in-law has corpses in the basement for their experiments to find an antidote and there is no way to communicate with her twin brother and tell him that she is alive and well. One of her husband’s servants, Gabriel and Rhine attempt to escape just before Rhine’s seventeenth birthday.

But will there be any freedom and peace in a world that spirals into anarchy? Readers will love this book as it has a compelling story and is based on a dystopian world.