10 Interesting Books Like Ready Player One

Did you enjoy the intriguing plot of Ready Player One? Did you get caught up in the whole story as it was really engaging? Do you think you would have done the same things the protagonist of Ready Player One, Wade does? Or do you think maybe you could have a different story when you get control of OASIS? Do you ever catch yourself wondering about the economy, society and the world in general after Wade gets awarded the control of OASIS? Do you think he could make any significant changes that contribute to the real world?

And if you think about Ready Player One or Wade or really like SciFi novels that challenge people and their beliefs or ethics; you can be a fan of such books! Are you interested in reading books that are similar to Ready Player One? Do you want another futuristic adventure in the form of a book that can make you travel imaginary time periods and get involved in an addictive plot that has astonishing characters? Here is a list of books like Ready Player One. The books that are listed below have a common theme or setting that resembles that of Ready Player One. It may be the virtual reality setting, story about a rebel finding what he wants or a simple SciFi love story that references pop culture in the 80s.

The Impossible Fortress

  • Author: Jason Rekulak
  • Originally Published: February 2017

The popular description, “a love letter to the 1980s and to nerds everywhere.” does complete justice to ‘The Impossible Fortress’ as it is based on computer-based romance linked with references in the 80s. Billy, who is the computer obsessed main character, meets a girl who is just as obsessed with computers as him. The Impossible Fortress is all about friendship and young love.

Snow Crash

  • Author: Neal Stephenson
  • Originally Published: June 1992

Snow Crash has epic online Metaverse and a pizza deliveryman as the main character who delivers pizza by day but is a virtual reality hero by night. The engaging plot of all the attempts of destroying the Metaverse by corrupting it and the struggle for defeating those attempts is really interesting. The protagonist being a nobody in the real world and then there being a virtual world are the common factors between Ready Player One and Snow Crash.


  • Author: Lauren Beukes
  • Originally Published: 2008

The futuristic dystopian world theme is common in Ready Player One and Moxyland. There are four protagonists, namely; Kendra, Lerato, Tendaka and Toby. These characters have their own peculiarities and they discover that the game they are playing for entertainment or money has much more to it.

Dark matter

  • Author: Blake Crouch
  • Originally Published: July 2016

This thought-provoking novel gets the readers thinking about the very nature of identity and reality. The novel has alternative timelines that tie the plot well and create an engaging story about the protagonist, Jason and how life could have changed if some choices would have been made different.


  • Author: Ernest Cline
  • Originally Published: July 2015

As the author of this book is the same as Ready Player One, readers expect a resemblance between the books and there is some. Armada is based on Zack who loves a game so much that he wishes his life was in fact, that game. Upon coming across a UFO, he realizes a far better purpose for his gaming skills. Armada also has references to the pop culture of the 80s as there were in Ready Player One.


  • Author: Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller
  • Originally Published: October 2017

Simon finds out that his best friend, Kat is paralyzed and is the next subject for the virtual reality beta test as well. Simon can feel something is wrong with the whole situation and jumps into the virtual world with Kat. Otherworld has wit, humor, breathtaking action and a perfect plot for Ready Player One fan.


  • Author: S.J. Kincaid
  • Originally Published: June 2013

Insignia has a similar plot to Ready Player One as in Insignia too, there are gamers trying to save the world. The plot of this book revolves around WWIII and how teen gamers are called and trained as the government is using them as a secret weapon.


  • Author: Marie Lu
  • Originally Published: September 2017

Warcross is based on virtual reality becoming a basic necessity for mankind. The book plots how blurry the line between the virtual world and the real world has become. Warcross also has some interesting factors like romance and cutthroat gaming competitions.


  • Author: Scott Reintgen
  • Originally Published: September 2017

A substance called Nyxia has to be mined and Emmett joins the group that is given an opportunity to mine it on a newly discovered planet. The book has all the elements like greed, competition and a futuristic SciFi setting that gives readers an intriguing story.


  • Author: Frank Herbert
  • Originally Published: August 1965

Many aspects of modern SciFi were set by Dune. Dune has war and SciFi fiction that is mixed with insightful and well-written characters and an incredible plot.