11 Epic Fantasy Books Like Throne of Glass

The escapade of a teenage assassin, Celaena, is portrayed in a compelling story by Sarah J Mass in her book, Thrones of Glass. Celaena has challenges after challenges in her life and then discovers about the life-threatening conspiracy. The book captivates the reader’s mind with the detailed illustration of female characters and the extensive design of their world. After reading this book, readers will definitely want to read more books like Thrones of Glass that have strong female protagonists.

Here is a list of books like Thrones of Glass, that readers will surely enjoy. The books given in the list have common elements like strong female protagonists, magical powers and the use of those magical powers, a dystopian world or a society that is harmful to the characters in the book and the classic battle of the good against the bad.

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There Will Come A Darkness

  • Author: Katy Rose Pool
  • Publication Date: September 2019

The Age of Darkness will quickly attract readers that love sagas that are set in complex, diverse and fascinating fantasies. The plot of the first book from this series, There Will Come A Darkness revolves around five protagonists that come from very different backgrounds. One is a disgraced Prince, one is a ruthless assassin, one is a conflicted ruler, one is a gambler and one is a girl who is about to die. Each one is potentially able to either stop the descent of darkness that is about to strike or to face the devastation caused by that impending darkness. These protagonists are written beautifully illustrating their complex personalities and lives and the world that they live in is richly realized and explored. The Age of Darkness can engage readers for years with the fantasies and the compelling storyline. Readers who love immersive world-building, inclusive storytelling and characters worth obsessing over, will love There Will Come A Darkness and the rest if the series, The Age of Darkness.

The Waterborn

  • Author: Greg Keyes
  • Publication Date: 1996

The Waterborn has the seemingly usual plot that involves a charming young man that embarks upon a predestined heroic journey and a distressed princess. But, here in The Waterborn, princess Hezhi is determined to find her kidnapped cousin using her intelligence and growing magical powers. And the charming young Perkar, who apparently comes to rescue her is indecisive and clueless. There are plenty of gods and deities in the world of Hezhi and she finds out that river god has made her cousin a prisoner. She also discovers the conspiracy against royals with magic blood. Things get even more complicated when Perkar falls hopelessly in love with the goddess of the stream. Greg Keyes has created a truly unique fantasy universe in this book.

The One-Armed Queen

  • Author: Jane Yolen
  • Publication Date: 1998

The one-armed queen is the third and final book in the series, Great Alta by Jane Yolen. Myth, history and culture are the prominent elements woven into the storyline of The one-armed queen, to form a credible and detailed world that has matriarchal society. In this world, queens raise their daughters to rule the thrones and the sons are sent to be raised in the enemy kingdoms as a peacekeeping gesture. But, Jenna’s daughter, a one-armed girl that was rescued by Jenna and is raised to rule the throne; contemplates if she really wants to take over the throne. Ans Jenna’s sons grow resentful. This book has a will they, won’t they kind of plot and it engages the readers.


  • Author: Heather Terrell
  • Publication Date: 2013

Relic has a strong, rebellious female character leading the story, a corrupt, dystopian kingdom that runs on lies and in addition, the plot is engaging with all the suspenseful thrill written by Heather Terrell. The book teaches us about the societies that worship vanity and consumerism and what happens to them eventually. The book is about Eva, who wants to be a Testor after her brother’s death. She is raised to be a demure maiden but now takes her brother’s role and wanders through the desolate wastelands while searching for Relics. Relic is an artifact that is left behind by the civilization that existed before hers.

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A Game of Thrones

  • Author: George R. R. Martin
  • Publication Date: August 1996

This series, by George R. R. Martin, has almost all the elements one needs to make a book thrilling, compelling and overall amazing. A Game of Thrones is the first book of the series, A Song of Ice and Fire. This book is just an introduction to the basic premises of the stories that revolve around the characters who are also introduced in this book. This book has high stakes, complex characters, cutthroat politics, strong female as well as male characters as leaders and the brutal game of thrones that, as stated in the books, can only be won or the player is dead.


  • Author: Kristin Cashore
  • Publication Date: October 2008

People called Graceling have special powers like enhanced survival and mind reading. These Gracelings can either be worshipped for their powers or even be boycotted by people for the same. One of the Graceling, Katsa, js a young woman who is recruited by her royal uncle to punish people by torturing them or executing them on behalf of him. She rebels and flees and then meets other such rebellious Gracelings along the way. Graceling has a unique premise, detailed illustration of female strength and a genre-defying romance that is realistic yet heartwarming at the same time.

The Tombs of Atuan

  • Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
  • Publication Date: December 1970

Tenar, the protagonist of The Tombs of Atuan, belongs to a cult of priestesses and has been guarding the titular tombs. Tenar traps a stranger that arrives to steal a treasure from the tombs but then decides to show mercy. She starts to question the priestesses and rebels against her role in society. The Tombs of Atuan is in every list that contains books driven by female protagonists. Ursula K. Le Guin introduces readers to a fantasy world that consists of a vast archipelago inhabited by characters of all races instead of a pseudo-European setting that is primarily concerned with white male characters.

Poison Study

  • Author: Maria V. Snyder
  • Publication Date: October 2005

Yelena is a young girl who is released from a rat-infested dungeon where she was sent after committing a murder. But, there is a catch. She now has to become the food taster for an important commander of the kingdom and has to taste everything be eaten as he might be assassinated by someone through the poison in the food. Yelena is now in a dangerous situation as she has growing magical abilities but the use of magic is punishable by death in the land of Ixia.

Sheepfarmer’s Daughter

  • Author: Elizabeth Moon
  • Publication Date: June 1988

Paksenarrion is a rebellious rural girl who does not agree with or follow the existing circumstances. When her father proposes that she should get married, she rebels packs her bags and leaves her house to join the army as a mercenary soldier. She helps the rightful heir of the kingdom reclaim his throne, by becoming a warrior that implements her courage and bravery for better. She is also believed to have magical powers. This character deliberately avoids romance in order to achieve higher goals.

Red Queen

  • Author: Victoria Aveyard
  • Publication Date: February 2015

Mare is disposable in her world. In her world, people with red blood, Reds, are considered second class citizens when compared to Silvers, who have supernatural abilities. After fleeing from mandatory army conscription and surviving on the street with the help of thievery, Mare is unexpectedly in an unfortunate encounter with the Silvers. She displays supernatural abilities but then disguises herself as one of the Silvers to conceal the improbable situation and its political consequences. She finds herself in a dangerous situation as she joins the rebel Red group that is determined to overthrow the Silvers, even though, she is living among the Silvers. The character of Mare is compelling and shows toughness or willingness to spill blood if need be, and the warmth that can be seen when she is in a love triangle with two Silvers. The story of Red Queen illustrates elements like inequality and betrayal with surprising twists that engage the readers.

Shadow and Bone

  • Author: Leigh Bardugo
  • Publication Date: June 2012

Shadow and Bone is the first book in the series that is also called as Shadow and Bone. Soldier Alina Starkov is aware of her life being worthless for others. She even thinks that she will probably die when her regiment is trekking near the dangerous Shadow Fold. But, turns out, she was wrong. She releases powers she did not know she had when her regiment is unavoidably attacked. Now, Alina is not seen as a dispensable foot soldier. Because of her recently revealed special powers, she is now being trained by the leader of the magical Grisha military, Darkling. In spite of living in a dizzying and decadent world of the magical elite, Alina realizes that she has a price to pay for her powers.