Welcome to the brand new website for the UNFILTERED series, an exciting New Adult series debuting this year wherever ebooks are sold!

The books are written by a group of friends, led by our queen bee and writing guru, Payge Galvin. We wrote it as a way to have fun, mostly, and a way to strengthen our friendships!

We got the idea for the overall story (twelve strangers in a coffee shop late one night, witness a murder and end up splitting over a million dollars in stolen drug money) while we were hanging out in the pool, drinking cosmos and relaxing.While there is a starting event that is common to all books, each story is unique and a standalone and can be read in any order. We have varying levels of 'steaminess' indicated by the coffee cups on the front so that you can find the heat level that speaks to you.

That's what comes from thirteen girls in a pool: a collection of fun and sexy books.

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